Starting with the sales rep; Occulus provides a quantitative assessment of how well an opportunity is qualified, the probability that the sales rep will win the deal, and whether or not the deal will close by the forecasted Close Date. In addition, Occulus identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the sales reps’ selling strategy and what he/she must do to win the business, if it is winnable.

From there, Occulus provides sales management with the tools, in the form of reports, metrics and Key Performance Indicators, that will allow them to manage the sales force more effectively. First line sales managers use the Occulus analysis to coach their sales teams; Occulus is the most effective and efficient tool available to engage first line sales managers with their sales reps on specific sales opportunities.

Unlike a CRM, Occulus focuses on the specific sales opportunity and what the sales rep has to do to win it. The sales rep answers a series of multiple choice questions about the opportunity and the analysis is performed.

The resulting analysis and guidance is provided in both graphical and written formats, including reporting which rolls up from one level of sales management to the next.

The Value Proposition of Occulus for the sales rep is that Occulus will give the sales rep a realistic and objective assessment of where they currently sit with an opportunity and they have to do to win it.

The Value Proposition for front line sales management is that Occulus will allow them to engage & coach their sales reps faster and more effectively than any other tool available.

The Value Proposition for senior sales management is that Occulus provides them with the reports, metrics and Key Performance Indicators that will allow them to manage the sales force more effectively and more successfully.

The value Proposition for corporate executives is that Occulus provides a clearer and more accurate window into the sales situation at any point in time allowing for better financial forecasts, cash management and timely corporate reporting.

Who should use Occulus?
Any organization that is selling in a competitive Business to Business (B2B) sales environment should use Occulus.

For additional information about Occulus and to understand how Occulus can help your organization, please go to the Partner Page and contact an Occulus Affiliate in your area. If there is no Occulus Affiliate listed for your area, please contact us directly at info@OcculusSales.com