Welcome to Occulus – the Ultimate Solution for Sales Management!

Occulus Inc. provides industry leading sales analysis and Sales Force Management (SFM) software tools that allow sales managers and senior executives to manage their sales forces more effectively.
Accomplished through the use of real-time opportunity analysis & qualification at the sales rep level and performance metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at the management level, Occulus equips sales management with the tools necessary to successfully compete and prosper in today’s highly competitive selling environment.

Occulus was developed to help companies better manage their sales force and sales processes. Based the collective knowledge and experience of hundreds of sales professionals, using advanced statistical methods and proprietary algorithms Occulus has been proven in the field many thousands of times. Occulus informs management how the quarter and the year are progressing, which deals will close on time and which ones are at risk, which sales people are succeeding and which are not. Occulus provides management with an early warning of potential problems.